Milan's Six Gallery

AboutSixGallery is curated by David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung, the duo behind the architectural office Quincoces-Drago & Partners.The …


아침 공기가 제법 선선해졌습니다, 이른 아침 창문을 활짝열고 여유있게 차 한잔하며전날의 꿉꿉함을 털어내고상쾌하게 하루를 시작해보세요~경쾌한 7가지 색상에편안한 등받이 텐션을 가진 스플릿(Split) 입니다. 이탈리아 브랜드 콜로스는 미니멀 디자인에 실용성을 겸비한 제품…

GAMFRATESI :Danish-Italian design duo

“We’re in awe of the way GamFratesi draws on its different cultural backgrounds to create a unique style all on its own. Equally impressive is the way…

ESTABLISHED IN 1840’s :Somnus beds

For some, sleep is something that just happens. At somnus it ha ppens by design. Something that we improve and perfect through constant test-ing and i…

INSPIRATIONS for space :Stem coffee

Stem coffee in coex, Desinged By Creative Lab. One of the most renowned place in coex by its facinate space design.1